Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Rasa Sayang hei!!

Today is 24th February, 10 days after my last post. Nothing interesting happened yet to me, waiting for something that really keep me going. However, last night was a blast. It does not happened to me, but to Emi. Yesterday was his birthday, so as usual we prepared ourself to celebrate it. They prepared a pile of water from an unknown source with something disgusting in it, and yes it smell like shit. There were eggs, flour, budu(yes, kelantan mari), and it all went to Emi. First he's hiding in the toilet, but after they persuade him, he's pasrah with the upcoming event. They push him into the toilet and sing a birthday song before smashing the eggs, showering him with budu, flour, and last but not least the pile of devil. It smells horrible, Emi was vomiting after being showered. It was fun and disgusting at the same time, the smell of the pile of devil make me had a headache. So, last night was an early night for me. Bdw, Happy Birthday Emi.